This year, we are running an optional Training Day ahead of the open space (inspired by the Foundations day at SoCraTes Germany).

Are you new to the software industry, and want to get a head start? Have you been practicing for a while, but always thought there had to be some deeper method to it? Have you heard about test-driven development, refactoring, or connascence, and always wanted to learn more about them?

An Extra Day

The Training Day is intended to open up the world of crafting and testing for newcomers and allow a deep-dive into certain topics. It offers a guided introduction to the conference experience. And provides an easy way to have all the questions you will probably arrive with answered by experienced practitioners.

Unlike the rest of the conference, this day does not follow the OpenSpace Technology format. The training day includes both introductory and advanced sessions. You will be able to choose which sessions to attend, allowing you to build a program that suits your needs.

Sessions will cover foundational topics - the roots of what our community is about - taught by tenured and distinguished community members with years of practical experience. There will also be sessions that take a deeper look at these topics.


We are working on exactly who and what. In the meantime, we’re delighted to share with you some of the speakers who are confirmed and their topics.

In alphabetical order:

Abby Bangser Abby Bangser Observability Tim Ottinger Tim Ottinger Trunk based development
Marit van Dijk Marit van Dijk Code reading Jon Skeet Jon Skeet Date and time handling
Jon Jagger Jon Jagger TDD (Test Driven Development) Clare Sudbery Clare Sudbery Testing legacy code using coverage and mutation testing
Liz Keogh Liz Keogh Conversational BDD
(Behaviour Driven Development)
Woody Zuill Woody Zuill Mob/ensemble programming

Speaking together:

Duncan McGregor Nat Pryce Duncan McGregor
Nat Pryce
Refactoring Java to Kotlin

What are the COVID mitigations?

COVID-19 rates across Europe are still high. We want to keep attendees safe, while at the same time allowing for as much familiarity and community spirit as is possible. For this reason our policy at the training day will be:

Can I still join the OpenSpace?

We welcome practitioners and learners at all levels at SoCraTes - because we believe that sharing, teaching and learning are equally important to the community health, and that this is a fundamental part of what makes SoCraTes the magical place it is. Training Day is intended to build bridges and make it easier to join the community, not to create an extra entry barrier.

So yes, you can join the OpenSpace whatever your level, and whether or not you have attended the Training Day.


Training Day is not part of the regular SoCraTes UK programme. It requires both extra preparation - especially for the session hosts - and additional cost. As a consequence, you will have to pay a cover charge of £358 to attend.

There is an option to arrive the Wednesday evening for an extra £110 (accommodation + dinner & breakfast).